FMP/ Migrant Integration—02. Ethnographic Research at Dishoom

Image: Mind map drawn for understanding hospitality through different frames of references

Philosophy of Hospitality

Infographic: encapsulating the key points studied from Derrida’s paper ‘Of Hospitality’

Field Research at Dishoom, Soho


Image: illustrating the bar area


Image: emerald wall with the photo of a denture
Image: idol of Lord Ganesha placed at the entrance

Material Design

Image: illustrating different brand peripherals

Performance Staff

Image: illustrating staff interactions
Image: illustrating body language of the staff
mage: illustrating staff performance
Image: illustrating gestures and expressions

Thick Description

Page: Thick description 1 of 2
Page: Thick description 2 of 2





MA User Experience Design at the University of Arts, London

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