FMP/ Migrant Integration — 09. Social Lubricant → a Cuppa of ☕️ ?

Brainstorming Concepts for Neighbourhood Engagement

Concept-map: summarising the central theme + enlisting concepts for neighbourhood cohesion

Why the Ritual of Exchanging Drinks?

Traditions related to consumption of drinks are ubiquitous and occur predominantly in the context of showing hospitality to guests within various cultures worldwide.

Images (l-r) of Turkish coffee ritual: brewing coffee in cezve pot immersed in sand; Infographic illuminating the method of preparation; coffee stains left in cup used for fortune telling. Retrieved from
Images (l-r) of Ethiopian buna ceremony: coffee being poured from jebena; sensory experience by smelling beans from mitad as a part of the ceremony. Retrieved from:
Images (l-r) of Japanese chadō ceremony: senchadō utensils; guests seated to receive tea in print by Yoshu Chikanbo; stirring matcha powder with a bamboo whisk. Retrieved from

Certain emotions are evoked by the consumption of material substances as shown by the science behind gustatory sensory system serving to various psychological and physiological functions.

Food and drink rituals encourage a script which creates shared expectation and promotes conversation at deeper levels.




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